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The Incredible Advantages of Using Tech Job Placement Solutions in the USA

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Nowadays, hunting for a new job means competing with more than a hundred other applicants. This is currently happening in different fields, including medical, technology, education, and so on. Although you know you have the skills, experience, and proper training, it is not guaranteed that you have an advantage over your competitors. After all, they may be as experienced as you are.

Since we currently live in the digital era where everything is run by technology, more and more computer tech jobs are opening. Along with this, people are seeing the trend and enrolling in different short training courses related to information technology. The IT field is vast and thriving, and people are taking this opportunity to land high-paying jobs and accelerate their careers.

Yellow Tail Tech is a tech job placement and IT training company in the USA that helps students who want to fast-track their careers by training them to be Red Hat Certified System Administrators (RHCSA) and AWS DevOps Engineers. Schedule a career strategy session today! We can ensure you that our training program is airtight and through it, we can produce extraordinary results.

Tech Careers and Why They’re Gaining Popularity

The information technology industry is growing rapidly. Ever since the industrial age, we have seen the many advantages technology has brought to us and the businesses we run. It made work environments more comfortable through streamlining tedious processes. Furthermore, it expedited our workflow and allowed us to do our jobs anywhere, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

To make these all possible, IT engineers, officers, developers, and analysts have to work extra hard. This is why tech careers are gaining popularity. As our demand for technology usage increases, the people behind it, along with the job opportunities, become in demand, too.

As long as technology is needed and used every day, tech job placement and IT careers will forever be booming.

What is Tech Job Placement in the USA?

In general, job placement is a service provided by companies that aim to connect applicants to their potential employers. The main goal is to help people find jobs that are suitable to their skills and experience.

Some job placement agencies directly place individuals with employers. These agencies are commonly sought by applicants who already have degrees and are fresh out of college. There are also job placement companies that assist students in finding internships.

As for Yellow Tail Tech, we offer tech job placement solutions in the USA by providing educational services that can help develop the professional skills and experience of people who are building their tech career path. Our services are perfect for people who do not possess any technical degree but are eager to get the best-paying jobs in the technology industry.

If you are a motivated student who wants to land an amazing computer tech job, you should check out Yellow Tail Tech’s programs for Linux and AWS.

How Can Tech Job Placements in the USA Help You Land Computer Tech Jobs

Other job placement agencies will only direct you to an employer. Here at Yellow Tail Tech, our unparalleled tech job placement services can ensure that you have proper knowledge, skills, training, and experience in the position you are aiming for.

Here’s how tech job placement companies in the USA can help you:

Expands Your Knowledge and Skill Sets

Before applying for the best-paying jobs in technology, it is best to refine your resume by highlighting your hard skills and placing your certifications. All of these you can get through using tech job placement services. Educational institutions can greatly help expand your knowledge and skills in information technology.

For starters, Yellow Tail Tech is known for its excellent program catalog that is implemented by industry-certified instructors who work for top technological enterprises. You can have hands-on experience and training by getting our services, which will help you stand out to hiring managers and major companies in the future.

High-paying jobs also come with lots of requirements. Be sure to have them all before applying so you can be a top applicant.

Saves You Time

Job hunting is not an easy thing to do. First, you have to know where to look and what to find. Second, hundreds of people are applying, too, so the competition is really tight. And lastly, some employers take forever to get back to you once you send your application.

Using a job placement service can save you time during your job search process. With the expertise and certifications you’ve gained from training, your resume and cover letter will doubtlessly attract any hiring manager’s attention.

Moreover, there are also job placement agencies that house representatives with an extensive list of employers that are ready to take their recommended applicants for several job positions. Having this kind of connection can expedite your application and shorten your job hunting time.

Provides Flexibility

Job placement services can provide you with unending choices when you are applying for jobs. For instance, they can make you choose from full-time permanent positions, short-term contracts, part-time options, and paid internships. Because of their flexibility, they can tailor-fit a job for you from the salary options to the working conditions you want.

Educational institutions like Yellow Tail Tech, on the other hand, can train you in different information technology fields, making you as flexible as possible once you start your job hunting.

For instance, our Lnx For Jobs program covers various topics, although it focuses on navigating the Linux OS only. After the course, you will be able to install and configure the OS and applications, deploy virtual machines, perform user management tasks, manage web servers, troubleshoot common network issues, and write bash scripts.

Opens Up Opportunities

When you hunt jobs on your own, you are being limited to the ones you can find on the internet or through people you know. With a tech job placement company backing you, opportunities are flowing.

For starters, the knowledge you will gain after finishing the whole course at Yellow Tail Tech will give you a head start during your job application. Employers will notice the intensive course you’ve completed and your hands-on experience performing different IT duties.

Furthermore, most job placement agencies are already connected with companies that are constantly hiring people. Some of them trust these agencies more than applicants who walk in for the application.

Gives Personalized Assistance

It is important to find the perfect tech job placement company for you to land the best-paying jobs in technology. This is because different agencies are partnered with different job seekers.

For instance, if you are a student looking for internships, it is best to find placement companies specializing in that field. On the other hand, if you are someone who just finished a short course training on Linux OS, it’s probably better to entrust your application to an agency that focuses on enriching tech careers.

Accessing personalized assistance will expedite your hiring process, and you are ensured that the job you will get suits your skills and expertise.

The Best Paying Jobs in Technology

Tech jobs are known to be high paying compared to other professions because of the increasing demand of companies relying on computers to complete their processes. Different organizations are switching their operations online to keep up with today’s advancements. Hence, they need to build their own IT departments.

In those IT departments, there are several positions that you can occupy once you have the proper training and certification from IT institutions like Yellow Tail Tech. Here are some of them:

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for deploying and managing an organization’s cloud computing strategy. To become one, you must master a cloud computing platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS), so you can easily oversee the cloud environment you are handling.

You also need to have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing fundamentals to help you avoid potential problems. Lastly, as a cloud architect, you should have outstanding communication skills. Not all issues you will encounter are technical. Being able to listen and take advice from your colleagues is important.

DevOps Engineer

A development team is composed of several DevOps engineers who work together to deliver high-quality code continuously. To become a part of the group, you must understand how to code and script and utilize different DevOps toolchains.

Educational institutions like Yellow Tail Tech can train you to become a Linux DevOps Engineer, enabling you to deploy and manage enterprise-level IT infrastructures hosted by the OS.

Jobs related to DevOps are in demand and offer high salaries because of the complexity of the tools used. Moreover, the implementation can be quite jarring because of the cultural and process changes required.

Full-Stack Developer

By 2023, it is expected that there will be 27.7 million developers globally. That’s how much full-stack developers are needed, and companies are willing to pay high for their services.

A full-stack developer is someone who is knowledgeable in both front and back-end development. They are tasked to design and build an application programming interface (API) to ensure the responsiveness of applications. This includes making sure they are up to the required standards and have data security.

Tasks like coding and scripting can also fall under a full-stack developer’s duties.

Big Data Engineer

Nowadays, billions of people use the internet, and each person generates data daily. That’s about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. Big data engineers are responsible for harnessing and gaining insights from the collected data. They are expected to design, build, test, and monitor complex data processing systems that will work in this large amount of data sets.

97% percent of organizations are willing to pay and are actually investing in these engineers to gain access to the results they are producing.

Software Architect

To be a software architect, you must have skills in data modeling, programming, and analytics because designing prototypes will be your main role. Software architects are expected to optimize development processes through effective designs and dictate technical standards such as coding, tools, and platforms.

The growing demand for customized websites and mobile applications is the main reason job listings for software architects are continuously rising alongside software engineers.

Yellow Tail Tech’s Tech Programs

Develop your skills and fast-track your job application by enrolling in these two programs offered by Yellow Tail Tech.

Lnx For Jobs

Linux is a commonly used open-source operating system that receives and relays requests from programs to the computer’s hardware. It is popular among IT professionals because of how customizable it is. The code used to create it is free and available to be viewed and edited by the public. What’s more, DevOps engineers can easily swap out its components, such as system display graphics and other user-interface features.

At Yellow Tail Tech, you can master the Linux OS through our three courses in just six months. We have designed our program for individuals who want to start an IT career. Hence, we will give you a great foundation in networking, Linux, and automation knowledge.

Cloud For Jobs 2.0

AWS is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It provides computing power, database storage, content delivery, and so on. All of these can help scale and grow businesses, which is why it is widely used by different organizations.

Mastering the AWS platform is easy when you enroll at Yellow Tail Tech. In just nine months, you can become a qualified DevOps engineer who can create automatable and repeatable application deployments, install and configure OS and applications, perform user management tasks, manage web servers, and more.

Get Reliable Tech Job Placement Solutions in the USA

Connecting with a tech job placement agency in the USA is helpful for individuals who are eager to jump-start their careers. Like Yellow Tail Tech, these institutions can expand your knowledge and skills through hands-on training and intensive courses. Having these as your credentials can increase your chance of being hired by the company you want.


The IT industry is vast, and there are many high-paying and in-demand jobs waiting for you. It is up to you to use the available resources like tech job placement companies to help you with your application.

Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor now. Trust that our team of experts will figure out how we can help you best.

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