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When you dream of building a progressive career in IT, it’s only natural that you aim for tech giants like Amazon, Google, Oracle, or Cisco. After all, technology is a lucrative sector that grows each year exponentially, and these companies are living proof. However, non-tech companies are also eager to acquire IT experts and will likely be more assertive in hiring new employees in the foreseeable future.

Technology is becoming indispensable, and it’s taking over industries that used to have little to do with it. As these industries adapt and embrace the demand, tedious and manual processes are being automated, software and services are now offered in the cloud, systems are created and modified to make organizations’ overall operations more seamless, and many other innovative initiatives.  Due to this, what used to be a small team of tech professionals is now growing into tech departments with various roles to fill. 

If you’re interested in broadening your horizon when it comes to your career path, here are some non-tech companies where your expertise is in demand:


The COVID-19 pandemic was a global wake-up call on how neglected most healthcare processes are. As citizens become more health-conscious, demands for more efficient and more accessible healthcare services have grown. IT specialists from different fields are pursued to design, create, maintain, and improve electronic healthcare systems, patient software, internal tools, and even integrated medical devices.

Sample Roles: Software Engineer, Health Information Technician


We’re witnessing that brands, whether big or small, are limiting or completely moving away from having physical stores. A strong digital platform ensures that they can keep up with the online shopping experience that consumers now look for. Creating and maintaining this e-commerce landscape, be it software or a website, is where IT workers will be sought.

Sample Roles: Frontend/Backend Developer, Business Analyst


With the rise of online classes as an alternative to traditional schooling, there have been major technological breakthroughs in the education sector. In fact, a relatively new industry has branched out from it, known as Education Technology or EdTech. Tech experts are needed to innovate how EdTech companies will facilitate student learning. 

Sample Roles: Infrastructure Administrator, Solutions Architect


We want nothing but the best platforms when it comes to our hard-earned money and investments. This is why competition is tough among finance companies as they always have to offer more than just regular banking services, and have to be at the top of their game to keep innovating the market’s financial experience. Although online banking has been here for a while, tech workers will always be in charge of implementing and improving new features, and most importantly, keeping all transactions secure. In addition, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have made a significant impact in this sector and will definitely require various tech expertise as they grow.

Sample Roles: Full-stack Software Engineers, Data/Cloud Engineers

Media and Entertainment

Subscription-based services like Netflix and Spotify have forever changed viewer habits when it comes to consuming media. Most people would now rather use their phones and computers than watch TV. Newspapers and magazines have also transitioned into mobile applications and websites. As other media companies follow the trend, we can expect the entertainment industry to keep relying on IT talents, from improving content production processes to reduce cost and time, to developing and maintaining media platforms.

Sample Roles:  Analytics Engineer, Web Developer, Security Engineer

Other serctors that weren’t listed are also keeping up, and this means that you won’t have to necessarily limit your employment opportunities in the IT field. As long as you have the desired credentials and experience, the career you want will follow. 

However, if you’re someone with little to IT background or you’re not that confident in your skillset, Yellow Tail Tech can equip you with the in-demand skills that you’ll need to start your tech career. We’re an EdTech company that offers structured and reasonably paced programs that are designed to take you from zero to job-ready. Our training is perfect for those looking to work in both tech giants and non-tech companies seeking IT experts.

If you’re ready to put in the dedication needed to have that high-paying tech career no matter the industry, book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor, and let’s discuss if we fit your needs.

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