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What Jobs Can You Get With AWS Certification in the USA?


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a broad and comprehensive cloud platform that utilizes various tools to meet the specific needs of each organization. Over the years, multiple companies have used this software to create servers, improve storage, enhance networking, boost security, and more.

Enterprises across the globe are looking for cloud professionals with evolving information technology (IT) skill sets. At Yellow Tail Tech, we have accomplished instructors who can help you acquire an AWS certification in the USA. By having this certification, you can show hiring managers that you have the needed skills and knowledge to apply for any AWS positions.

What Jobs can you get with AWS certification? Let’s find out below:

AWS Big Data Specialist

Employees in this role can design and execute big data services to derive value from the information provided. They are highly adept at data analytics and visualization.

With our Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training and AWS SysOps Certification Prep courses, we can help you learn everything you need to know before applying. Our Database Services module covers various topics, such as remote desktop services, Dynamo DB, Aurora, Elasticache, and more. On the other hand, our Storage and Data Management module includes S3 policies, MFA delete, Athena, and a storage gateway.

AWS Networking Specialist

These individuals design, develop, and deploy advanced cloud-based solutions using AWS. They implement core AWS services following basic architecture best practices by leveraging tools to automate specific networking tasks.

Yellow Tail Tech has a five-week course that includes seven modules that focus on infrastructure and networking. It can help you learn the fundamentals of what every IT professional should know about the industry in general, regardless of which track you’re planning to pursue. Our instructors will cover various subjects, such as computer language, networking hardware, servers and clients, address resolution protocol, software management, and more.

AWS Solutions Architect

Tasked with designing the architecture of an organization’s cloud assets, AWS solutions architects plan the implementation of the designs they create. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the infrastructures help them create a technical cloud strategy that can benefit the company they’re part of.

Our entire Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program can help you develop the skills you need to handle the tasks of an AWS solutions architect. However, our Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training and AWS SysOps Certification Prep courses are especially beneficial for our students. They expose you to enterprise-level serverless infrastructures as well as installed systems and infrastructure to provide you with the background needed before you make adjustments to your internal software.

AWS SysOps Administrator

Workers hired as AWS SysOps administrators are responsible for deploying, operating, and managing systems on an AWS platform. They also maintain analytics software and build dashboards for reporting. Aside from being performance indicators, the data they gather can also help your company figure out how to improve its internal systems.

During our AWS SysOps Prep course, our instructors will cover a wide range of topics within eight weeks. Our modules include monitoring and reporting, deployment and provisioning, high availability, storage and data management, security and compliance, networking, automation, and feedback, review, and labs.

Cloud Developer

Although cloud developers have tasks similar to software or web engineers, all the programs they develop only run on virtual systems. These professionals create applications that are served on the cloud. They analyze customer needs in addition to designing, coding, and debugging systems and solutions.

Industry professionals teach our 16-week Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training course. Our instructors can teach you how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applications, networks, and systems on the AWS platform. Furthermore, they will utilize various modules that cover Cloud concepts as well as CloudFormation.

Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

These working professionals focus on securing business for accounts that offer enterprise cloud services, hosting, managed applications, custom web development, and more. On top of ensuring clean handoff from pre-sales to service delivery, cloud sales and purchase managers act as trusted vendor partners. They closely work with cloud service providers as channel partners to look for and close new business prospects.

By completing our Cloud For Jobs 2.0 program, you can have the background you need to grow, drive, and shape the future of an advancing creative technology enterprise. Our modules include IT Infrastructure and Networking, Linux System Administration, Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training, AWS SysOps Certification Prep, and Python Automation. They can help you address any questions and concerns possible clients may have as well as understand what your company’s software developers are creating.

Cloud Software Engineer

Responsible for designing Internet-based computer information systems, cloud software engineers possess strong technical skills concerning cloud-based applications. They are tasked with structuring a cloud organization while ensuring architecture and security. Additionally, their tasks include monitoring specific applications to collect information that they can use to debug the system.

Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud For Jobs 2.0 Training course is intended for those only starting their career in the IT industry. Our Cloud Concepts/Global Network module covers cloud computing, global infrastructure, high availability, elasticity, resilience, and the shared responsibility model. On the other hand, our CloudFormation module encompasses the anatomy of a CloudFormation template, stacks, parameters, outputs, change sets, cross-stack references, nested stacks, and more.


Attaining an AWS certification in the USA can help you prepare for the IT professional job market trends. Various companies use AWS, and taking classes to deepen your understanding of this cloud-based software can help you become more attractive in the eyes of possible employers. Furthermore, it can even lead to a better paycheck since it guarantees that you are highly skilled and knowledgeable on the subject matter.

Turn to Yellow Tail Tech today for high-quality courses that you can take to learn more about AWS, the cloud, and the IT infrastructure. Over the years, we have helped various students land high-paying jobs due to our classes. Make sure to Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today!

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