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Yellow Tail Tech Reinvents Cloud for Jobs 2.0 Program, Incorporating Security and Cloud Certifications

In line with industry shifts towards more specialized roles, Yellow Tail Tech’s revised Cloud for Jobs 2.0 program now includes essential certifications to enhance cloud sector employability.

Yellow Tail Tech, a pioneering educational platform, today announced a substantial enhancement to its Cloud for Jobs 2.0 program. This reform is aimed at preparing students for the increasingly specialized roles in the cloud industry, moving beyond entry-level job preparation.

The redesigned 10-month program strategically integrates three pivotal certifications to meet the demands of today’s job market: Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), AWS SysOps, and now, the crucial Sec+ certification, reflecting the heightened emphasis on security in tech roles.

“As the cloud technology landscape evolves, the need for specialized skills has become more apparent,” explained a representative from Yellow Tail Tech. “Our enhanced program now delivers comprehensive training in system administration, cloud operations, and security, culminating in three certifications that are becoming prerequisites for high-security roles, especially in government technology sectors where security clearance is mandatory.”

The curriculum is structured over two semesters, providing students sufficient time to focus on obtaining their certifications, with a special emphasis on the RHCSA and Sec+ certifications, reflecting the program’s alignment with government technology (GovTech) needs.

With GovTech roles requiring security clearances and typically reserved for U.S. citizens due to their classified nature, Yellow Tail Tech’s program is a stepping stone for those aiming for such positions. It addresses the need for skilled professionals capable of managing sensitive information and adheres to stringent security protocols.

Prospective candidates are invited to schedule a 10-minute introductory call to navigate the enrollment process and determine their eligibility for the program. The rigorous curriculum requires a commitment of 10-12 hours of independent study per week from students who are highly motivated and performance-oriented.

In light of the expanded curriculum, tuition will see an increase; however, applicants who enroll before December 17 will have access to current tuition rates and will receive a tuition credit as an incentive.

“Our graduates will be leaving not only as cloud-savvy professionals but as well-rounded candidates for security-sensitive roles, fully equipped with the certifications needed to thrive in GovTech,” added the Yellow Tail Tech spokesperson.

Detailed information on the Cloud for Jobs 2.0 program, including timelines and enrollment eligibility requirements, is available on Yellow Tail Tech’s website.

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