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Although it is unknown to some people, we actually use Linux every day. This open-source operating system powers most phones, televisions, and computers. With the rise of the number of company computers and devices running on Linux, it is no surprise that people are also taking an interest in pursuing a career related to this software.

At Yellow Tail Tech, we are dedicated to helping you get a Linux certification in the USA. We are an EdTech company that provides people with no technical background the chance to pursue a career in the information technology (IT) industry. Our industry-certified instructors have worked for top enterprises and have hands-on experience with the subject matter that they teach.

What Is a Linux Certification?

Aside from being one of the most popular platforms to run desktops and servers, Linux is amongst the world’s most reliable and secure operating systems. It manages a device’s memory and processes, as well as its software and hardware. Without it, a computer is effectively useless.

The application process in applying for a job opening in the IT industry is thorough. By obtaining a certification, you can verify that you are proficient in using Linux. Most companies require you to present this document to ensure that you are equipped to handle a Linux administrators’ tasks.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Linux Certification in the USA?

A recent Red Hat survey showed that 86% of IT leaders say that the most innovative companies are using open-source software. The study also stated that 77% of respondents plan to increase their use of open-source software within a year.

There is currently a growing demand for professionals who can manage cloud-native technologies. As a result, hiring organizations have doubled their efforts to find employees with sufficient talent with open-source systems.

Completing a Linux training course increases your chances of getting hired. The Linux Foundation’s 2020 Open Source Jobs Report even stated that “52% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone with a certification.”

What Jobs Can You Apply for After Obtaining a Linux Certification?

Systems Engineer

With a Red Hat Linux certification, you can become a systems engineer and plan, design, or modify your company’s network. Red Hat certified engineer (RHCE) in the USA will now be something that you can confidently apply for. You will be expected to resolve user issues, address change management requests, identify potential threats, and implement protective measures.

System Administrator

A system administrator or a Red Hat certified system administrator (RHCA) in the USA is a back-end IT specialist who installs and sets up software. You will be tasked to develop servers and work with individual users to ensure that the system is reliable.

Software Programmer

As a software programmer, you will develop programs to help boost productivity and increase your company’s sales. You will easily write code as well as identify and debug any errors after completing your Linux training course.

DevOps Engineer

Suppose you choose to become a DevOps engineer. In that case, you may be tasked to reduce mean time to recovery and lessen bottlenecks. It can done by introducing processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development life cycles. You will also have to provide maintenance and conduct updates from coding to deployment.

Python Developer

Responsible for coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects, Python developers crunch data, write web application back-ends, and automate scripts. You will be expected to assist organizations by supervising the information flow between the servers and users.

Network Engineer

Network engineer tasks are setting up, establishing, and maintaining a range of computer networks within the business. You will ensure that the company is not at risk from cyberattacks and improve the telecommunications between the management, employees, and other enterprises.

Linux Engineer

A Linux engineer is tasked with overseeing and handling the company systems that are operating on Linux serves. When you become one, you will develop new systems, assess the current software and hardware used, implement solutions in areas that need improvement, and devise strategies to optimize procedures.

Linux Engineering Administrator

Aside from overseeing the tasks of Linux engineers, Linux engineering administrators also conduct backups, file restorations, disaster recoveries, system security management, and more. You are perceived as experts in configuration, virtualization, and interoperability.

Operational Support Engineer

As an operational support engineer, you will perform all the tasks under operations resources and monitor all active input to ensure effective project implementation. You will also analyze and provide technical backup and third-line support in addition to developing appropriate strategies to create an excellent working environment.

How Do You Get a Linux Certification?

Yellow Tail Tech can help you obtain a Linux certification in the USA. We will prepare you to become RHCAs and RHCEs by teaching you all the fundamental networking, Linux, and automation knowledge required for your first job in the IT field.

The pace of our program is set at a slower speed compared to other training courses so that our students develop a better understanding of the concepts we teach them. Allowing our instructors more time to discuss each topic in-depth also gives our students ample time to absorb each lesson and gain practical experience.

By the end of our program, you will be able to:

  • Deploy Virtual Machines
  • Install and Configure Operating Systems
  • Manage Web Servers
  • Perform User Management Tasks
  • Troubleshoot Permission, Performance, and Networking Issues
  • Write Bash Scripts

How Do You Choose the Best Linux Certification Course?

Selecting the best Linux certification course can be quite difficult. Different certification courses have varying goals, and not all of them have equal value in the market either.

Good programs present an interesting mix of distribution- and brand-agnostic credentials as well as vendor-specific ones. Many of them also provide their students with defined pathways to learn, use, and master Linux OS management, features, and potential use cases.

At Yellow Tail Tech, we take great pride in offering the following courses:

IT Infrastructure and Networking

Our IT Infrastructure and Networking Course is specifically designed to expose you to the fundamentals that every IT professional should know. It consists of seven modules that will be taught within seven weeks. Regardless of what track you decide to pursue, it will teach you concepts about computers and networking that are all valuable in the field.

Lnx For Jobs

During the first four weeks of our Lnx For Jobs course, our instructors will help you establish a solid foundation for navigating a Linux operating system. We will then teach you about user administration, security, networking, processes, storage, and more in the following 12 weeks.


Intended for those just starting their career in Linux, our RHCSA Prep Course can give you the knowledge you need to become a Linux DevOps system engineer, RHCE, RHCSA in the USA. Using 6 modules that will be covered within 16 weeks, our instructors will teach you how to set up your lab, changing targets, dealing with services, and more.

How Are Our Linux Certification Programs Structured?

Yellow Tail Tech’s Linux Certification Programs in the USA features hybrid e-learning, lock-step teaching, holistic programming, internship enrollment, and personalized career coaching.

Our instructors’ methods utilize traditional classroom features along with the essential elements of online learning. We hold weekly live teaching sessions and provide online exercises as well as pre-recorded video instructions. Hybrid e-learning offers our students flexibility on top of new skills that will help them with their careers for years to come.

With our lock-step approach, you will be going through our curriculum in a group setting. Our chosen teaching style is highly social, ensuring that you have a peer group you can approach throughout your enrollment under Yellow Tail Tech and even once you’ve completed our program.

Lastly, our programs come with individualized career coaching in addition to feature elective enrollment in a meaningful internship program.

What Are the Requirements for Linux Certification?

Since our Linux Certification Programs in the USA already cover prerequisite courses, you won’t need to enroll in any other class once you start taking our classes. Yellow Tail Tech has opted to admit applications based on a mutual fit selection process where your acceptance is based on our assessment of how we can meet your needs.

The first step is to book a 10-min intro call with our enrollment advisors, we will gauge your knowledge regarding the subject matter and help you with your goal to acquire a Red Hat Linux certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yellow Tail Tech understands that choosing to enroll in a program isn’t an easy choice to make. You have to consider various factors, including your availability and finances. To help you with your decision, we compiled a list of people’s frequently asked questions regarding our Linux certification.

How Long Are Linux Certifications in the USA Good For?

You should renew your certification every three to five years to ensure that you are updated with the most recent developments in the field. When the time comes, you have the option to take classes that are the same level as the one you took before or enroll in more difficult ones.

Is Getting a Linux Certification Worth It?

Completing modules to get your Linux certification is definitely worth it. At Yellow Tail Tech, our programs are primarily geared towards those who want a career change. Around 90% of our students have no technical background whatsoever, and we have helped them land their first high-paying IT job through our certifications.

Is Getting a Linux Certification Hard?

Linux is a great operating system that various people choose to study and become experts at. Although it may be challenging to acquaint yourself with the different terms used in the industry and the multiple processes involved, getting a Linux certification in the USA can help you grow your knowledge and skills while giving you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Do You Automatically Get a Job After Getting a Linux Certification?

Earning a certificate helps you get a job in your desired field. Nowadays, hiring managers prefer candidates who can present an official document that can validate their Linux skills. However, you also have to remember that certifications alone won’t save you.

You need to acquire job experience by finding a solid internship that will expose you to real-world dilemmas and challenges faced in the IT industry. Having someone to turn to after job interviews is also essential. Proper coaching from an expert can help you gain actionable feedback that you can use to improve your presentation during the interview.

Can You Get a Linux Certification Even if You Don’t Have a Technical Background?

Luckily for you, Yellow Tail Tech’s programs were specifically designed with non-IT professionals in mind, meaning that you don’t need to have a technical background to enroll in them. We use an approach that considers the building blocks required at every stage, making them highly comprehensive.

We will equip you with all the prerequisites you need after completing each course’s modules. Whether it’s IT infrastructure, networking fundamentals, or core training, we will teach you the information you need to become a competent Linux expert in the future.

Do You Need To Be a College Graduate To Get a Linux Certification?

When you choose Yellow Tail Tech, you don’t need to be a college graduate to get a Linux certification. Most of our trainees do not have a degree or a background in IT.

Count on us to help you familiarize yourself with the basics. Our approach allows both IT professionals as well as non-degree-holding individuals and recent high school graduates to train at the same level.


By enrolling in a Linux certification program, you can increase your earning potential while further establishing your professional credibility. The advanced training in this specialized coursework will provide you with up-to-date tools and technical strategies that will help guide and direct you in the execution of your future IT projects.

With the help of our trainers at Yellow Tail Tech, you can attain a lucrative job position in the IT industry as a systems engineer, software programmer, DevOps engineer, python developer, or network engineer. Book a 10-minute intro call with our Enrollment Advisor today so you can learn more about what we can do to help you.

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