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Future-proof Careers in IT You Can Pursue

Technologies and cloud computing have expanded quickly, even before the coronavirus outbreak (even decades). But given the current global health crisis, they have quickly become indispensable in just seven months in today’s society. In addition, professionals must locate future-proof professions as the job market, and the types of jobs available are changing along with technological advancements. Information about these careers will assist you in locating a stable and long-term position if you are considering other career options. IT roles usually are easier to obtain if you have more training, like Yellow Tail Tech’s Cloud for jobs program

Some careers that are future proof in IT include UX designer, data scientist, and robotics engineer. IT is one of the more future-proof fields due to the constant evolution of technology. With these careers, you can ensure that you can survive, as long as you work hard and keep up with the latest technology and advancements. 

Future-proof IT Careers To Pursue 

Future-proof careers in IT that you can pursue are:

UX designer

The UX (User experience) designer’s responsibility is to ensure that the ‘behind-the-scenes’ design of software, websites, or apps satisfies users’ habits, motivations, behaviors, and needs. It has never been more crucial to guarantee that the user journey and experience are the best as more and more companies use digital platforms to market and sell their goods or services.

Cloud engineer

Cloud computing has recently evolved into a need for those who operate remotely. At the same time, businesses have been feverishly looking for people who can transfer processes, put in place the required infrastructures, and carry out cloud-related duties. Solutions architects, cloud developers, and sysops engineers are among the several titles given to cloud engineers. A cloud engineer’s general task is to plan, monitor, and administer an organization’s cloud system. In other cases, the roles and responsibilities may differ.

Data scientist

Data scientists collect, analyze and interpret data so that people can make data-driven decisions. It is frequently have to work with large amounts of data as part of data science initiatives to develop and test hypotheses, draw conclusions, and analyze consumer and market trends, financial risks, cybersecurity threats, stock trades, equipment maintenance requirements, and medical conditions. In addition, data scientists often mine data in firms to find information that may be utilized to forecast consumer behavior, find new revenue opportunities, spot fraudulent transactions, and fulfill other company needs. Additionally, they perform important analytical work for healthcare organizations, educational institutions, governmental bodies, sports teams, and other organizations.

Robotics engineer

The work of a robotics engineer is constantly exciting, whether they are constructing robots to vacuum floors or designing integrated systems to control rockets. Robotics engineers have a wealth of learning opportunities and are in high demand as all industries progress toward automation and innovations based on artificial intelligence. You can help replace parts and components, maintain and repair robots, and provide technical support with an associate’s degree in robotics. 

iOS developer

You may thank an iOS app developer if you’ve ever used an app on an Apple device. IOS developers possess an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how iOS works on different Apple devices, like the iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Moreover, iOS developers refine, produce, and test applications created, tested, and refined by iOS developers to meet the needs of their customers. 

Future-Proof Your Career With Yellow Tail Tech

If you want to pursue a career with longevity, IT is a more viable option. However, competition can be tough, so you must be armed and equipped with the necessary skills to stand out in your chosen IT career.  

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