Don’t get trapped in Helpdesk Hell

There are multiple ways to get into IT  but the most common way that people know about is to start in a Helpdesk position . This is the easiest way to get into IT but going that route comes with some limitations. Watch this video to know more about how to not get trapped in a Helpdesk Hell! 

A day in a life of a Yellow Tail Tech student

Join King Venord, as he talks about his typical day as a full time Medical Assistant and a proud student of Yellow Tail Tech. We hope this video can give you a glimpse of his journey to IT and can also inspire you to start your own path to IT.

How Jubee got into IT

I went to school for management information system so basically the idea was I was trying to figure out what to get in. A friend of mine told me you have both interests. You have interest in technology and in business. There’s this cool program at University of Maryland that combines the two. That’s the […]

Degree or Certification?

What’s more important either the degree or the certification? Take it from someone with a few degrees myself. Absolutely, absolutely the certifications and the hands on. And that’s what happened after my fancy degrees, I went to the market. They were like, “Okay. So yeah. Do you have those degrees once we add you to […]

How COVID impacted Yellow Tail Tech

Positively, positively, definitely because it did two things. When the pandemic hit, we just completed a complete pivot to having an exclusively online program. So it’s just like adding gas to the fire that we already put together because after COVID, people were more receptive to the idea of online corroboration in general. Here and […]

Requirements to become a teacher

What are the requirements to become an instructor? Interesting stats. The first thing is 90% of our instructors was trained by us. So most of our instructors have the same background. That’s the big difference also, by the way, when we were talking about colleges, versus what we offer here, is that most of our […]

The Trap of Inexpensive Course

Hello, my name is Jubee, co-founder at Yellow Tail, where we help people with no IT background get their first high-paying IT job. So today I want to talk about the trap of inexpensive courses and training platforms. I’m sure you know that in this age of information, there’s no shortage of free and inexpensive […]

How do we keep up with the new technology?

The first difference is we have our ears to what the market needs through our instructors. Don’t forget, they are full-blown professional on the daytime, right? So they know what’s happening in their environment. They know what’s needed. They know what’s hot. They know what’s staying because they have to interact with these technologies. So […]

What Questions Are Asked In An IT Interview

Tell me about what you’ve done last week? A very open ended questions. So that’s why I tell students, “You have to show up with a book of examples, with a book of scenarios.” Interviews lately tend to be more scenario based, they want to see not only an answer, but your thought process to […]

How Is The IT Job Market

That’s a good question. And especially now with Amazon Web Services as the biggest Cloud computing service, a lot. The sheer amount of jobs available, there’s always more jobs than people ready, trained to take them. So, it’s a great place to be. And also, the trend of infrastructure is moving towards the Cloud. So, […]